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July-Sept. 2015



Why Digital Advertising is

changing in 2015 and

how it will affect your business

Connecting Ads in your E-edition

Digital advertising is a game-changer; yet, in the

background of this transformative business is a

$21.8 billion problem



This problem did not occur overnight, but it has

gone largely unnoticed. So, what is this problem?

You may be using it already. If not, you may start

after reading this article.

The problem is called ad blocking.

Ad blocking is the act of using plugins (ex. Adblock

Plus, uBlock)

on your web

browser to

stop, replace

or remove ads

on a website.

As many fads come and go in society, this trend

is not slowing down. In fact, it’s growing in the

United States and around the world. The most

recent study from PageFair and Adobe shows a

48% growth of US ad block users in the past

few months (


. The increase

See Digital Advertising Page 2

See Connected Ads Page 2

Advertising is defined in the dictionary as “the

business or act of making something known

to the public, usually through some type of

paid media“


. The basic

premise of advertising is in the definition yet this

definition forgets the crucial change you may

have noticed already. Advertising is no longer

a push onto someone else. It has become an

invitation that is as personalized to the receiver as

feasibly possible-even down to simplistic details

such as using someone’s favorite colors in an

ad. The example shown highlights the important

journey advertising must take today to reach the

intended audience. Understanding the company’s

focus and struggles in advertising is important to


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“a $21.8 billion

[dollar] problem”