Media Monitoring and Brand Reputation Management

Media Monitoring and Brand Reputation Management by Terry A. Yates, Jr You are always going to be curious about what is being said about your brand. Having a good brand reputation is important to individuals and businesses. These are a few strategies to help you bolster your brand management, and find great success. The simplest of all the strategies are simple: be human and be consistent. If you catch a bad review on the internet or social media, address it, professionally and politely. Customer satisfaction has always been important to brands and that has not changed now that smartphones have become ubiquitous and the customer has become more nebulous. Being consistent in your outreach efforts and trying to satisfy any perceived quibbles will lead to happy costumers that are more inclined to not only extol your brand’s efforts, but they’ll be more successful in drawing more customers to you. Making sure to allow your customers multiple outlets with which to reach you is another effortless way to manage reputation. Phone, email, and chat are the timeless ways, but social media has become the favored way for customers to immediately reach out to brands. The immediacy is important; as brands are often the shorthand people use to proclaim who they are and what they value most. Souring that relationship will never be a good thing for your company or brand. See Monitoring Page 2 What Does Hyperlocal Media Monitoring Mean? We have already discussed how bigger media monitoring outlets and software as a service (SaaS) companies often miss local content. That missed content is vital and important to customers that are paying good money to have that content provided to them. So when we say that we offer hyperlocal media monitoring, what does that mean? See Hyperlocal Page 2: Sportz Newz pg 3 800-474-1111 Helping You Find You