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Newz Group Media Monitoring

We make it EASY

With over 25 years of Media Monitoring experience, Newz Group is the industry leader in providing news monitoring services specializing in rural, local, and regional coverage. Our goal is to offer straightforward solutions that reduce the noise and deliver the relevant results you want. Through our skilled service team, clients receive a highly-customized, focused, and adaptable solution.

Why Newz Group

Use Cases:


Newspaper pages processed each month

24 / 7

Keywords monitored constantly


US News websites monitored in real time


Active users ranging from large federal agencies to small businesses


Monitoring your earned media shouldn’t be hard. We make it easy.

News Group Media Monitoring platform displaying four columns housing the different monitored media options: Print, Online, Broadcast and Social Media.


Review your earned media across printed newspapers, online news websites, social media, and TV and radio broadcasts all in one easy-to-navigate place. Find new business opportunities, quickly address bad press, or simply manage your brand’s perception in the media. Whatever your goals may be, our media monitoring services save you time and provide you with the tools to tackle your entire media cycle.


Quickly digest your media coverage’s impact with in-depth, real-time analytics. Identify media spikes to quickly address issues, understand the value and reach of your earned media, gauge the perception of your coverage, and much more. Save time and gain valuable insights about your coverage with Newz Group’s media monitoring services.

Screen shot of media monitoring tools, including: bar graphs, sentiment chart, AVE, social media hashtags, and more.
Options to select elements like header, divider, text, buttons and more, to create your own press releases. Then track the pick up of your messages with newz group media monitoring services.


Leverage best-in-class PR communication tools and an extensive contact database to craft and distribute your messages. Then monitor the effectiveness of your press releases by tracking their placement across various media outlets.

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Here are some additional reasons

To Choose Newz Group

Trusted Source

We currently serve every arm of the Federal Government and numerous official statewide offices nationwide.

Focused Results

To accomplish your media goals, our team tailors your monitoring parameters to deliver the results you need.

Responsive Customer Service

Service inquiries are responded to by a team member within 24 business hours.

Real Newspaper Monitoring

Most services monitor only online news and call it ‘newspaper tracking,’ missing out on actual hard copy news coverage. Get your press clippings from a company that works directly with several state press associations to ensure you receive results from actual newspapers.

Customized Alerts

Users select when they want to be notified of their media mentions. You can see a notification every time a match occurs, when a certain number of mentions is exceeded, or at a specific time of day.

Customize Your Media Monitoring Mix

Unlock more value! Explore our additional services and bundle today.


Follow local, rural, and regional community news by tracking newspapers across the country.

Social Media

Stay involved in the conversations about your organization!


See real-time results for your online news coverage!


Watch and hear your media results from Broadcast TV & Radio.