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The Hinsdalean • March 28, 2019 • Page 3 NEWS ‘Hinsdale School News’ is no such thing District 86 officials working to let people know they had nothing to do with publication By Pamela Lannom In the final days before the Tuesday, April 2, election, Hinsdale High School District 86 offi- cials are working to make sure people know an eight-page publication printed on newsprint is not from the district. “We’re hearing two different things,” Superintendent Bruce Law said Wednesday. “We’re hearing people who are very upset because they recognize someone is trying to deceive the community and put our marks on a paper and trying to make it look like it comes from us. We also are hearing from people who think it comes from us.” The publication reads “Hinsdale School News” across the top of Page 1 and names Hinsdale Township High School District 86 and Community Consolidated School District 181 underneath. A page one piece by Glenn Minnis, “special from the DuPage Policy Journal,” con- tains comments from Noel Manley and Zach Mottl, who are highly critical of the $140 million referendum the district has on the Tuesday, April 2, ballot. It includes the district’s logo. Five other pieces with bylines all read “special from DuPage Policy Journal.” “If even one person looks at that and says, ‘Oh, the district sent this out and now I think this,’ we’d be concerned about that, that they had been deceived,” Law said. The district’s primary concern is the use of its “marks” — identified in board policy as the Bill would pull sales tax from Hinsdale By Pamela Lannom Illinois House Majority Leader Jim Durkin planned to call a bill today, March 28, that would divert a portion of the sales tax revenue the village collects from the Hinsdale Oasis to Western Springs. Hinsdale Village President Tom Cauley contacted The Hinsdalean last week to express his opposition to the bill. “I think it sets a horrible precedent and that’s clearly our commercial property,” Cauley said. “Collectively, it’s the largest tax generator for the village of Hinsdale. It would be very detrimental to Hinsdale if we had to give up some or a large portion of our sales tax revenue to Western Springs.” Durkin, who represents Western Springs, introduced House Bill 3172 Feb. 15. He told The Hinsdalean on Wednesday he would prefer to see an intergovernmental agreement that would provide for sales tax reve- nue from the oasis to be shared, and he pointed to one such agreement between Lake Forest and Mettawa. “The village of Western Springs, who I represent, have told me they for years have tried to have some type of agreement or negotiation regard- ing the oasis, since the east side of the oasis abuts the village of Western Springs’ property and homeowners,” Durkin said. “Whenever there is any type of request for first responders or picking up garbage or any problem on the east side of the tollway, it is the village of Western Springs who pro- vides that service. I think that there is an equity issue that we have to think about.” Cauley said that in the 10 years he has been village president, no one has called him about this. “It’s kind of an unusual way to approach the issue,” he said. “No one has ever suggested to me an IGA because they are using police and fire resources. “If the real aim is to get an IGA, why not pick up the phone and call me?” he added. Cauley said he told Durkin he is amenable to discussing ways to miti- gate any incremental adverse impact when the bridge over Instate 294 is taken down and the oasis is rebuilt on both sides of the roadway. Durkin also brought up the village of Hinsdale’s annexation of the prop- erty, which his staff has indicated was illegally obtained under a mech- anism called “strip annexation.” The Illinois Supreme Court barred that type of annexation many years ago, he said. Cauley dismissed the comment, noting the annexation took place 50 years. “I”m always stunned when people don’t talk to me about things and claim this has been in the works for a long time,” he said. This publication has District 86 officials and referendum supporters upset, for different reasons. Please turn to Page 10 ‘Into the Woods’ comes out on stage Members of Bam Theatre’s Conservatory Ensemble performed Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods” at the Hinsdale United Methodist Church this month. The ensemble is an acting and musical theater training program for students in grades seven to 12. Mackenzie Werthman portrayed Little Red in the pro- duction, with Dean Zaverdas as Rapunzel’s Prince and Clark Anderson as Cinderella’s Prince. (Jim Slonoff photos)